FLOWCONTROL: Automatic Valves

FlowControl is a Swedish company that started out in 1999 with components for secondary refrigerant systems (“brine systems”) i.e motorised ballvalves that can handle different types of media and temperatures down to -35°C. Over the years our product catalogue has developed and is now also containing modulating valves.

FlowControl specialises on efficient solutions for balancing and regulation of cooling systems. In our product range you will find products for both the cooling and the condensing circuit in a completely indirect cooling system. We operate our own product development and the trademark Nicab® stands for the products that we develop and manufacture ourselves. We offer a price and a quality that means that the overall solution becomes reliable in operation, easy to handle and lowers the cost.

FlowControl is a flexible company that manufactures the valves and actuators itself. This and the fact that we work with some internationally known producing companies makes us an interesting partner for both standard products for contractors as well as customer designed products for O E M customers.