VAHTERUS: Heat Exchangers

Established in 1990, Vahterus is a Finnish family business focused on sustainable heat exchanger solutions.

Since the beginning, its mission has been to provide the best heat exchanger solutions for their customers. Without heat exchangers, industries and households would stop running. Heat exchanger efficiency is also fundamental in the ongoing energy transition. Vahterus is the inventor, pioneer and market leader in Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger (PSHE) technology.

Vahterus’ heat exchangers are built for the next generation: they save energy, are compact in size, always custom-made, and because of their fully welded structure, they’re durable enough for even the most demanding conditions.

The main characteristics of Vahterus PSHE heat exchangers:

  • Compact, easy to isolate
  • Suitable for high pressure
  • High temperature
  • No use of gaskets
  • Small filling content
  • Maintenance free, easy chemical cleaning if necessary
  • Customer specific (refrigeration) building possible
  • Easy to drain (oil)
  • Small temperature differences possible
  • Very low pressure losses and high k-value
  • PN 16 to PN 60, higher on request

Vahterus aims to maintain its position as forerunners in their field through continuous product development, automated production technology and strong application know-how. Several global patents and awards granted for their innovative design and environmentally friendly products are a token of the success of Vahterus’ work.

With headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Finland, Vahterus has subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, China and the US.