RFF: Valves

Robinet Frigorifique Français (RFF) is a family valve production company, established in 1976, although the first valves were developed already before in a small mechanical workshop responding to the request of a big French refrigeration company. New concept refrigerating valves were developed based mainly on:

  • The use of teflón for the tightness of the valves seats
  • The use of O-rings for the tightness of the stuffing box
  • The replacement of flanges connections by welding connections

RFF is very close to the customers’ expectations and has more than 50 years experience in the industrial refrigeration sector. RFF counts with a team of qualified experts in the sector and an internal manufacturing which allows a better control of quality.

By using the most modern production techniques RFF offers the highest quality and competitive range of refrigeration valves.

The RFF products have a world-wide reputation for high quality.

These products are installed in refrigeration plants using Ammonia, CFC, HCFC, HFC, CO2 or halocarbon refrigerants, operating in a temperature range from – 50°C to +150°C and with nominal pressures rating 25 bar, but also 40 or 65 depending on diameter (PN 25, 40 and 65).

The valve bodies and bonnets are made from steel tested for low temperatures. Spindel tightness is ensured by special O ring packing.

A back seating design allows to access spindle O rings without the need of stopping the plants.

Seats are fixed with ball bearing. These long life PTFE seats provide positive shut off with a minimum hand pressure. The connection types are:

  1. Socket welding
  2. Butt welding connection for steel or stainless steel pipe
  3. Brazing connection

RFF has a stock policy to assure quick delivery all around the world.