PSHE Multi-Condenser, NH3, High Temperature

Vahterus has developed a new type of heat exchanger, which performs 3 functions – desuperheating, condensating and subcooling – in the same unit.

The new Vahterus PSHE Multi-Condenser is a new model of ammonia condenser developed primarily for the growing heat-pump market, but suitable for other condensing applications such as steam condensers.  The main characteristics are lower costs, more compact sizes and smaller pipe lenghts resulting in easier isolation.

Additionally, desuperheating prior to condensating allows to recover high temperature fluid and subooling assures less flash gas as well as an approximately 10% higher performance coefficient.

The installed heat-pump capacity of Vahterus condensers is over 1000MV – a capacity that exceeds the average size of a nuclear power station. This represents direct action against global warming.

For more information go to Private Area (Heat Pump Manual) and contact with Dicostock’s technical department.