CO2 Compressors and Compressor Units

TZW are twostage, water-cooled compressors. These products are used in the sectors Food & Beverage as well as machine construction and are developed for all oil- and siliconefree applications. Mehrer’s vertical compressor design is space saving. The TZW 50, TZW 60 and TZW 70 can be operated with pre-pressure and frequency controlled working speed. TVZ 900 piston compressor Mehrer is a 2-stage double-acting device. The most usual compressors used for CO2 are TZW-60, TZW-70 and TVZ-900.

Main Features:

  • Dry-running piston compressor
  • Number of stages: 2
  • Capacity units from 50 – 1.500 kg/h of CO2
  • Gas type: CO2, but it also serves for the compression of other gas types (biogas, N2, ethylene, propane, butane, etc.)
  • Compressor cooling: Air or water cooled
  • Availability: > 97%
  • Volume flow: <= 300 kg/h (TZW-60); 500 kg/h (TZW-70);1500 kg/h (TVZ-900)
  • Suction pressure (bar): Atmospheric
  • Maximum final pressure (bar): 23 (TWZ60 and 70), up to 65 (TVZ 900)


  • Clean CO2 without complex cleaning procedures due to absolutely oil-free compression
  • Customized realization – compressor units or complete compressor systems
  • Proven and reliable solutions due to longstanding experience
  • Minimal production space requirements because of compact vertical design
  • High production and process reliability

Fields of Applications:

  • CO2 recovery in industrial processes
  • CO2 extraction processes
  • CO2 as intert gas
  • Dry ice production, etc.

For more information contact with Dicostock’s technical department.