Gas Condensers and Liquid Dry Coolers

Thermofin® condensers are available in a wide performance range. Depending on case of application, you can select between different series. Mounted empty housings are just as possible as pre-wired controllers for the fans, coated fins or modified leg (foot) heights. All thermofin® condensers are available in different noise levels and of course suitable for outside installation.

Depending on the series NH3, CO2, propane or HFC/HFO can be used as refrigerant.

The dry coolers of thermofin® are available in a wide range of performance. The series are especially designed regarding high requirements of performance and stability. In-house developed special solutions ensure the optimum integration into system concepts. The requirements given by the different ambient conditions can be realised by material selection and various surface coatings. All units can be adapted individually to the prescribed noise values.

Water, glycol mixtures, demineralised water as well as oil are applied as mediums.

The selection of this equipment is very easy by using Thermofin’s selection program.

*Contact with Dicostock’s technical team to get information and access to Thermofin’s selection program.

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity: 0.5 – 2000kW
  • Pipe diameter: 5, 9.52, 12 or 16, mm
  • Pipe material: Copper, steel INOX 304 and 316, galvanized steel, aluminum
  • Geometry: Triangular
  • Fin spacing: 4 – 12 mm
  • Fin material: Aluminum, aluminum with epoxy protection, AlMg3, stainless steel 304/316, copper, galvanized steel
  • Housing material: AlMg3 or hot lacquered galvanized steel RAL9010, stainless steel 304 or 316
  • Fans: From 400 mm – 910 mm, IP 54 standard (optional IP55)
  • EC type fans available
  • Optional: High pressure motors (if required)
  • Several cabling and control options
See Technical Catalogue

The different type of Condensers and Dry coolers are:

Thermofin_Equipo Compacto de 4 Baterías

Compact Condensers/Dry Coolers


Condensers/Dry Coolers V shape single row

Condensadores y Enfriadores de Líquido y Gas

Condensers/Dry Coolers V shape double row


Horizontal Condensers/Dry Coolers



Condensers/Dry Coolers with Housing


Microchannel compact condensers


Hybrid Condensers/Dry coolers