Strainers (ST)

These rugged, refrigerant strainers (filters) are designed to remove foreign materials, like dirt and weld slag, from refrigeration systems. Strainers help prevent damage to valves and other components, reducing costly service and downtime. Strainers are usually close-coupled to solenoid valves, pressure regulators and other flanged valves.

Technical Specifications:

  • Connections with flanges. Potential direct coupling with HANSEN solenoid valves and pressure regulators.
  • Size: ½¨ – 6¨
  • Pressure: PN 25 (standard), PN 40
  • Temperature: -50ºC/+115ºC
  • Stainless steel filter mesh, 150 microns
  • Zig-zag mesh with high filter surface
  • dSuitable for all standard refrigerants according to EN378-1 including NH3 and CO2. The use of flammable and especially corrosive fluids needs to be priorly consulted.
  • Can be used with secondary fluids and lubricant oils
See Technical Datasheet