Gas-powered Suction Stop Valve (HCK-2)

These heavy-duty, flanged, gas-powered suction stop valves are designed to control the flow of refrigerant in large industrial and commercial applications. They remain normally open via a spring and require no pressure drop to operate. Valves are best installed on their side for better conveyance of liquid overfeed or oil and to avoid trapping. A single pilot solenoid valve is required to control a higher pressure refrigerant gas which closes these valves during defrosting.

These valves are ideally suited for low temperature applications to positively close, during defrost, the following: suction lines, liquid overfeed and flooded evaporator gas return lines, as well as gravity liquid and gas lines. Because they are gas powered to close, these valves operate reliably even under viscous oil conditions. They are suitable for ammonia, R22, R134a, CO2 and other compatible refrigerants.

Unique spool type piston/seats are more resistant to dirt than typical full skirted piston designs. The ductile iron body is much stronger and tougher than grey iron or “semi-steel” iron. Protective pilot line disc strainers are included. Manual opening stems are standard for positive opening during servicing or trouble shooting systems.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: DN 32-DN 150
  • Pressure: PN 27 – PN40
  • Temperature: -50ºC/+ 115 ºC
  • Power Supply: 24 – 230 VAC
  • Suitable for all standard refrigerants according to EN378-1 including NH3 and CO2. The use of flammable and especially corrosive fluids needs to be priorly consulted.
See Technical Datasheet