High Side Floats (HT)

These carefully designed and manufactured high side floats are ideal for metering high-pressure refrigerant liquid to a lower-pressure vessel without allowing refrigerant gas to pass. These self-contained and nonelectrical float drain regulators provide a simple solution for many applications. Liquid and gas enter the valve inlet and collect in the valve body. As the liquid level rises, it lifts the float ball assembly exposing the slide valve orifice and metering liquid to the outlet.

These float drain regulators are specifically designed for refrigeration systems. They are suitable for ammonia, R22, R134a, and other Hansen-approved refrigerants. High Side Floats HT100, HT200, and HT300 are typically used to drain condensers, liquid make-up to recirculators, controlled pressure receivers, or flooded evaporators; to drain liquid from hot has defrost; or to drain liquid condensate from heat reclaim coils.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 70 kw – 1500 kw (to be consulted)
  • Pressure: 27 bar
  • Operating temperature: -50ºC/+ 115 ºC
  • Suitable for all standard refrigerants according to EN378-1 including NH3 and CO2. The use of flammable and especially corrosive fluids needs to be priorly consulted.
See Technical Datasheet