PolyCool™ Superheat – CPS40

Polycool™ Superheat to control superheating of evaporators has two independent circuits and the cooling capacity varies depending on the temperature of the medium that needs to be cooled (air, glycol water, etc.).

PolyCool™ Superheat contains the following components:

  • Controler RWR462.10 with specific software for the refrigeration of freons, ammonia and CO2, to control superheating.
  • Temperature sensor QAZ21.682/101
  • Pressure sensor QBE2001-P10U with 4…20 mA output signal
  • Electronic injection valve MVL661…

Polycool™ Superheat was specifically developed to control superheating of DX evaporators.

This system is recommended for applications where very exact regulation, low energy consumption and operational optimization are a priority.

Additionally, Polycool™ Superheat allows plant capacity management by means of an expansion valve with external signal or with a standard sensor NI1000.

Therefore, this system constitutes an important development compared to traditional expansion with thermostatic valves. The electromagnetic expansion valve also allows to eliminate the solenoid valve.

Main Specifications:

  • Cooling capacity: 20-740 kWh
  • Safe-fail shut down for compressors
  • Evaporation pressure limitation
  • Superheat control by pressure and temperature monitoring
  • Optimal control Algorithm to assure minimal superheat
  • Two independent circuits to control superheat
  • Adjustable valve opening during start-up
See Technical Manual

For more information contact Dicostock’ s technical department.