SRH Serie

The tough brother of the SRM compressor sets the pressure benchmark to 63 bar. Thanks to glide bearings and a 4/6 lobe ratio with stronger rotor diameter this compressor range is perfectly suited to operate Ammonia Heatpumps and CO2 cascade systems with their demanding conditions.

With displacements from 161 to 1409 m3/h these compressors are capable to operate heat pumps dependent on the heat source of more than 3 MW and CO2 low temperature cascade systems of approx. 2 MW.

SRH open-type single-stage high-pressure Screw Compressors include 5 models (SRH 12, 16, 18, 20 and 26) with a displacement of 161- 1409 m3/h @ 2960 rpm. The large application window is optimized for two applications:

  • CO2 Cascade Systems
  • Ammonia Heatpumps

Rotor speed of up to 3600 rpm allow the use of frequency inverters. Togheter with step-less (10%-100%) mechanical capacity control and adjustable Vi this ensures high efficient operation and adaptation to varying load and temperature sources, thus guaranteeing high SEER values.

Features of SRH open-type single-stage high-pressure screw compressor:

  • “I”type patented profile, strong lobe ratio of 4+6, high efficiency.
  • Rotor is made of high- quality forged steel with micron- machining accuracy, high strength, high wear resistance, and long durability.
  • The housing is made of high- strength ductile iron, design pressure: 6.3 Mpa.
  • Innovative shaft seal. The wear- resistant sealing surface is made of silicon carbide for high reliability.
  • High- precision and wear- resistant roller bearings designed for a life span of 100.000 operating hours.
  • The internal compression ratio Vi can be adjusted to the existing operating conditions either manually or automatically for highest efficiency, even under varying conditions.
  • Stepless capacity control (10-100%) by a mechanical slider.
  • Integrated oil channels for secure lubrication of all critical spots within the compressor.

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