Double Stage Compressors – SRM SERIES

The open-drive SRM screw compressor remains the reliable workhorse for its versatility and robustness. Upgraded by the new i-profile rotors with 5/7 lobes and further improved by extra-strong bearings the SRM Series still is the benchmark of industrial refrigeration.

Double Stage Compressors:

For low temperature applications where no side-load on the high stage is needed, like a dedicated package to a spiral freezer, the double stage SRM compressor offers a high efficient solution with lowest footprint compared to a booster system with two packages.

SRM open-type double-stage Screw Compressors include 4 (SRM 1612, 2016, 2620 and 3426) series totaling 7 models with a displacement of 544 – 5090 m3/h @ 2960 rpm. The application window caters especially for low temperature applications, which traditionally were executed as booster systems. If no side-load for the high stage of the booster is needed, these double-stage compressors offer very compact and efficient solutions.

Whereas all major refrigerants can be used, our compressors are optimized for the natural and environment-friendly refrigerants such as Ammonia R717 and Hydrocarbons like R290, R600 and R1150.

The use of frequency inverters, step-less (10%-100%) mechanical capacity control and adjustable Vi ensure high efficient operation at varying load and temperature profiles, thus guaranteeing high SEER values.

The robust design and high degrees of obliquity >30° to withstand the rolling and pounding sea allow the use in marine applications.

Features of SRM open-type double-stage screw compressor:

  • “I”type patented profile, best lobe ratio of 5+7, high efficiency.
  • Thanks to the ratio 5-7 the rotor shafts have a larger diameter assuring an increased stiffness.
  • Rotor is made of high- quality forged steel with micron- machining accuracy, high strength, high wear resistance, and long durability.
  • The housing is made of high- strength ductile iron, design pressure: 2.8Mpa.
  • Innovative shaft seal. The wear- resistant sealing surface is made of silicon carbide for high reliability.
  • High- precision and wear- resistant roller bearings designed for a life span of 100.000 operating hours.
  • The internal compression ratio Vi can be adjusted to the existing operating conditions either manually or automatically for highest efficiency, even under varying conditions.
  • Stepless capacity control (10- 100%) by a mechanical slider.
  • Integrated oil channels for secure lubrication of all critical spots within the compressor.

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